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Natural blown wool – why choose anything else for your insulation?

Blown-in sheep’s wool is a renewable resource which is not only natural but is also ecologically and environmentally friendly. What’s more, because there are no harmful particles floating in the atmosphere, it’s kind to your health. The natural resilience of wool means it has the ability to out-perform other products.

So how is wool insulation installed?



Wool insulation

The wool is quite literally blown into your roof cavity which means that it actually reaches all the outer extremities of your roof. This creates an effective means of preventing heat loss from gaps between ceiling joists and ensures full coverage. It can also form a cosy top-up over existing insulation materials.

How does it work?

Insulation is all about trapping air within the insulation material. Because of its crimp, wool will not compress which means it is able to retain the air trapped within it. The finer the crimp, the more air can be trapped. This improves and extends the useful life of wool insulation.

Because wool can easily absorb moisture from the air, it is the only insulation product that can react to atmospheric changes - and most particularly changes in humidity. At times of high humidity wool will absorb moisture from the atmosphere but, more importantly, it will release it back into the atmosphere when humidity levels fall. Because this happens in vapour form, you will enjoy a warm, dry and healthy environment.

....that ceiling insulation can save up to 42% of heat loss from the average home, thereby reducing your heating bills?

Did you know....

Wool also absorbs sound effectively, so works very well between the floor and the ceiling below.

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