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Research has shown that more than a million New Zealand homes (New Zealand 2005 House Condition Survey) have either no, or at best inadequate, underfloor insulation. In some homes, especially those with ill-fitting tongue and groove floorboards, heat loss through the floor is particularly high. Why? Well, cold air is driven through gaps in the floorboards, forcing the warm air in your room towards the ceiling. And the result? A cold, clammy, unhealthy living space.

Our solutions to this problem
Generally speaking, there are two types of underfloor insulation – bulk fill and reflective - and we offer both types. They both work in slightly different ways though. Most bulk insulators (we use
Expol) work by trapping air within a ‘mesh’ of material. As air itself is poor at conducting heat, when it is held in position like this it makes a good insulator. Generally speaking, the thicker these bulk insulators are, the better their insulation properties.

Reflective forms of insulation work by reflecting radiant heat. They come as foils and the more sophisticated forms - such as Air-cell, the product we use - also have an air gap between the foil coatings. Foils need an airgap to work and the minimum requirement is usually 40mm.

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