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Placed snugly between the floor joists, Expol polystyrene underfloor insulation is designed to stop heat escaping through your floor and will ensure your home is protected from extreme temperatures beneath your floor. Fitted correctly it can save around 12% on your heating bills.

How does it work?

Polystyrene is an extremely common product used for insulating many things. It works under your floor the same way as it works in chilly bins, coffee cups etc. Expol underfloor insulation has excellent thermal properties as it consists mainly of stabilised air. It works by trapping air within the ‘mesh’ of the material. As air itself is poor at conducting heat, when it is held in position like this it makes a good insulator. Expol is safe to install, non-allergenic and contains a flame retardant whilst its thermal performance is not affected by ageing. It contains no CFCs.


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