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Air-cell is an exciting new foil product that not only delivers exceptional performance by providing a more complete vapour barrier, but is also a heat conductional and radiant barrier all in one.

So what is Air-cell?

Air-cell is a twin layer aluminum foil separated by a 7mm pocket of air - in fact it looks a bit like foil ‘bubble wrap’. Because the layers of foil are separated, this significantly reduces the conduction of energy through it. In this way it can be compared to the way double glazed windows works. It is non-allergenic, fibre-free, tough and resistant to rodents and insects. It also has an excellent fire rating.

How does it work?

Conventional bulk fill underfloor insulation involves inserting rigid products between joists under floorboards. Because it involves ‘stuffing’ the gaps, there isn’t a continuous barrier so cold air can still get in through gaps in the joists. Air-cell is completely different and possibly the easiest way to undertand how Air-cell works is to think of it as a blanket which has been stretched under your home with all the joints overlapped. This blanket seals your floor off from the rising cold, damp air whilst at the same time saving you up to 12% on your heating bills by reflecting back and retaining the warm air inside your home.  

Cold air and moisture gets in through gaps in the floor boards
Cold air forces the warm air up
Warm air
underfloor insulation
There is a still air cavity between the foil and the floor. Heat loss through floor is reflected back.
Warm air
With Air-cell
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